Visiting the Sick in Hospital’s and Nursing Homes

We are fortunate to have Baystate Franklin Medical Center in our community. Working with the hospital staff we are able to visit our parishioners and provide eucharist and prayer to help with healing. Our Pastor and our Deacons are registered chaplains at the facility and are are call 24/7 should there need for a chaplain available or in cases where sacramental annointing or last rites are requested our Pastor. Should you be in the hospital and request a visit by the Pastor or a Deacon, the staff is prepared to contact us.

Our Pastoral Staff as well as lay ministers also visit parishioners at the following nursing homes: Charlene Manor, Buckley, Poet Seat and The Arbors.

Very often priests visit the sick and administer the Rite of the Anointing of the Sick. Unfortunately, many people have an improper understanding of this Holy Sacrament. For some reason people feel that when a priest visits the sick, this is a sign that this sick person will soon be parting for eternity and so they call a priest when a person is literally dying. This is a false assumption. A priest comes to pray for healing, recovery and possible death of a person, but the whole point is to provide aid and comfort, no matter the circumstances.

If you have a loved one at any of these assisted care facilities and want a visit from any one of us please call the Parish Office and they will help you make that connection.